Fastpass Table Escort Cards

9:52 AM

I love anything Disney. I would have had a Disney wedding, but due to some circumstances, I couldn't have it down in Florida. That didn't stop us from having a Disney-themed wedding. My sister came across an idea of using Disney Fastpasses as table escorts. But instead of a generic header, I thought, why not designated each table as a certain attraction, and create the escort cards as the actual Fastpass designs?

Here having a design degree finally came in handy! With the help of my husband and bridesmaid, we took couple of days of pen-tooling all the interesting designs, and picked our favorites (Toy Story Mania obviously had to be in it, it's our all-time favorite ride in Disney World). We had it down to all the details, including the bar lines on the side.

We had each Fastpass hung on a wooden frame, and asked each guest to replace their Fastpass with a picture of themselves and a small message. This doubled-up as a table escort card holder and guestbook!

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