i'm gonna wreck it!

9:13 AM

i'm back! i'm back with a brand new 3D origami post. this blog has been practically dead with a few random posts about random things here and there.

well, to be brief of my long hiatus, i was busy for the past months being a caretaker for my mother. she had stage 4 lung cancer. about two weeks ago, she lost the battle and passed. but this story is for another post.

SO! disney most recent released animated film is Wreck-It Ralph and i loved it! the whole video game concept, the main central station, the 8-bit characters walking in 8-bit style, vanellope von schweetz, sugar rush world, and the crazy turbo dude. yep, the movie surprised me. i'm not a video-game fanatic, i could care less about it, but this movie was great! so i HAD to make a 3D origami of this.

i wanted to first make the pixel version of this big guy:

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now here's my version!

here are the colors i used:

final outcone: 

i do plan on making more characters from this movie next. especially president vanellope von schweetz! and giving it a more 3D appeal. so be on the look out for it :) it obviously will not be completed for this year because i will be gone next week...to WALT DISNEY WORLD!

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  1. How many pieces did you use from each color?

    1. sorry, I don't have the exact number since I created this via trial and error
      Also, this model was unfortunately wrecked the other day

      The last picture is pretty high resolution, so if you have the time, you can count each color :)