design folded and unfolded

8:21 PM

i like to share my senior thesis project from senior year of college. as many of you know, i have a love for origami. i get upset when they ask if all i do is fold paper cranes everyday. i mean really??

my major was interior design (with a background in architecture. one day, maybe i'll write a post about my glorious <sarcasm> time in the architecture program. ooh! i'll one day show you my architecture work too in which i am very proud of). for the senior thesis, we were finally able to pick our own topic and the type of design we wanted to do. i automatically wanted to do origami. i figured, it's my last year, i want to do something that i like. of course, i ran into some problems with this topic, but ultimately, it was the best decision i ever made. for the entire two semesters, 20% of my time was researching on origami and 80% on folding and creating models. for once, work was fun and fun was work.

so without further ado, my thesis!

to create a space that can fold itself in closing and opening new spaces depending on the family needs. with each stage of life, there are different programs needed (for example: in one stage of life, you might need a nursery, but in the next stage, you'll need a study room instead). this space is set in tokyo where living spaces are tight, one can't just pack up and leave to a much bigger place just because you have more members in the family.
using origami inform the design for an evolving living environment that adapts to the different stages of life: childhood, adolescence, college, and empty nest.

these are my earlier models folded with drafting paper and transparency paper
i experimented mostly with pleats and the effect of light on the folds

i even experimented folding steel.
this steel was cold-folded (no heat was used to bend the material)
and it was a huge hassle. 
a lot of factors were not in my control, it wasn't as precise as oppose to if i used paper
but! it was still a good experiment

my exhibition piece
it's created from a scored museum board to create the pleated folds
then mounted my rendering drawings
if anyone in syracuse sees it, can you please get it back for me?

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