avengers, assemble!

1:34 AM

this project is way way way overdue. originally, this was suppose to be finished in may (the month of the avenger film). but it got delayed. some of you may know that i wanted to get it all fancy schmancy with things that move; but, i really wanted to get this finished.

if wayne finishes his part and get these models to move and such, i'll write another post.

so without further ado...

             the avengers!



captain america
my favorite model



black widow


twas fun making these super heroes. i absolutely loved the movie. i said i was going to make another ironman and captain america using new techniques. 
the feet, hands, and hair was definitely a head scratcher at times. these models are much sturdier than the previous models. all in all, i liked how it all turned out.

for those of you who want to try to make the avengers, i got the paper from three places:
- red, yellow, and skin color (peach?) >> walmart & michael's
- blue, green, and purple >> walmart
- black, brown, and gray >> paper source

i used three different sizes:
- hands/arms 1.5" x 1"
- feet/legs 2" x 1.25"
- body/head 2.75" x 1.5"

happy folding!
hmmm, maybe i should do a justice league set...hmm....

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  1. omggg it wouldve been even more awesome if you made the thor hammer!

  2. Replies
    1. sorry, i currently don't have tutorials
      tutorials take alot of time and i'm already behind on projects i want to do
      hopefully some day i'll be able to

  3. How did you make the head so much bigger than the body? (for captain america)
    Did you made another base and just glue it to the body or something?

    1. The head has a base of about 30-35 pieces and the body base is about 15-20 pieces
      If you look at the post for Link (http://anirbas-art.blogspot.com/2012/02/legend-of-zelda-link.html), i have a picture of how i usually create my base. The bottom piece circle is the diameter of the body shape - so the head can be placed neatly and securely onto the body.
      Does this make sense?
      If not, send me an email and I can try to explain more/send more pictures to bring more clarity

  4. how did you make the legs seems like 8 pieces and how do they fit? they all are pretty cool

  5. sorry for asking again... an the arms how you do it??

    1. Hi!
      If you check out the vanellope von schweetz post: http://anirbas-art.blogspot.com/2013/08/president-vanellope-von-schweetz.html?m=1
      I showed how I made the legs which is the same concept for the avengers hand/feet

      Hope this helps!

  6. awesome origami
    im planning to make some
    i was just wondering do you use Origami paper for this or normal coloured paper
    cause i live in India and the paper here is different
    and is you paper quality thick or smooth thin?

  7. Hi
    I am planning on making the avengers set and yours is the best i have come across.
    I am wondering though if the size you have provided is for the pieces before or after you folded them?

    1. Hello
      The sizes are before I folded them

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thankyou so much! how have you attached the arms to the body?

    4. to be honest, i can't remember
      i made this so long ago, and i had the models disassembled and packed away
      but if my memory serves me right, i believe i had inserted a rod into the arms and at the other end of the rod, I had put it into the body. when assembling the body, leave a gap for the rod to go through

      hope this helps!