happy mother's day!

8:42 PM

Today's Mother's Day! About 4-5 years ago, I gave my mom a small little purse for her birthday (or was it Mother's Day...). She absolutely loved it.

She suggested that I create another purse of a particular brand.

With this holiday, it was a good reason to make something for her. This time, I wanted to make it bigger! The one I already made was about 5" wide; palm size. I also wanted to give her a Chanel purse. Personally, I like the logo which is why I wanted to create it. I looked online and found this cute white purse that I thought was relatively do-able.

With the help of Christina, Henry, and Dan, I was able to create this purse in less than a week. Just in time for Mother's Day. Ever since learning the technique to create a four-sided base, making the purse wasn't too difficult. 

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  1. Can u post a diagram of this it is absolutely amazing

    1. If I have time, I'll make one :)
      I'm currently in the middle of some projects so we'll see