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I've been looking at many blogs and websites these days on photo keeping, scrapbooking, or just ways to preserve memories. I came across project life and saw many great books that others have done. My favorite so far is Liz Tamanaha. I love her minimalist approach to design. It's what I like too: the white space.
I have always been intimidated by scrapbooking. The idea of having to buy tons of different cardstock paper, stamps, inks, stickers, and other utensils was just mind boggling. I was driven away by the fact that by buying all of this meant spending alot of money. But then I thought, do I really have to buy all of that to make a great scrapbook? I don't think so. I can create my illustrations with sharpies and micron pens

I love the project life templates - less to think about when it comes to laying out my photos. But I'm not going to call this project life, I'm going to call it project story. I want to tell a story with my scrapbook. My first scrapbook is the story of me and my boyfriend, Dan. It was "love at first fight"

The things I used for project story:

Becky Higgins picture sleeves


good ol' sharpies

white cardstock for drawings and text and blade

I was very inspired by Disney Pixar Up. I created my scrapbook to be like the adventure book that Ellie had. I used the same font and relatively same color scheme..

brown cloth 3-ring binder from American Crafts, red felt, black string, and Prisma color pencils

Since this is a story of me plus Dan. I figured that it would be great to have his input - his drawings and his handwriting. He hates doing arts and craft, but I insisted in having his particular style in the book. We should make use of our $200,000 education and design the book together.

his ugly handwriting...

my caricature of him...when we first met in college

his caricature of me...when we first met in college

adventure is out there! 

we apparently didn't take much pictures our junior year of college

the one interest we have in common: eating

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