It All Started With a Mouse

9:01 PM

HO HO HO! from the lovable Mickey Mouse.

Other than making the original Mickey, I decided to make Santa Mickey as well.

Challenge: Attaching Mickey's large feet and little legs. Mickey's large feet is one of his characteristics, he can't have little/medium size, it's got to be a prominent large yellow feet. In addition, it needs to be an oval-ish shape.

Sketch of how Mickey was to look like. It was a challenge trying to get the right proportions on Mickey. Throughout the process, I did take Mickey apart couple of times, especially the head.

I originally only wanted to do Santa Mickey for the holidays, but I could not not make an original Mickey. 

I took apart the head 2-3 times to get the eye area correct. 

Feet: took a couple of tries, but I finally got it just right 

I disliked making the hands 

Merry Christmas Everybody! 

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  1. could you make a tutorial, or show a diagram, cause I'd love to make one to offer to a friend

    1. again like I said in the other post I replied to, I created this via trial and error
      The best I can tell you is to count each pieces in the picture

      I can say that the base for the head was about 30-35 pieces and the base for the body was 15-20 pieces (these are the numbers I usually start off with when I create any models)

      good luck!

    2. Thanks, that's pretty much what I wanted to know.
      What I also would like to know,if it's not asking too much, was the feet, how many pieces was the base?