Iron Man

7:26 PM

Iron man is finally here. Four weeks ago, Wayne suggested making an Iron man (because he is thoroughly obsessed with this super hero), an Iron man where its parts light up. I was absolutely thrilled by that idea and for once, appreciated this engineer's skills. Unfortunately, we did come across a few problems and this project got delayed multiple times. No need to brew on the past, I'm glad that the project is completed and a success!

Challenges: Implementing the lit up parts, it took awhile to put the heart (or the "arc reactor" as Wayne puts it) and the eyes on the super hero; it also required three people to assemble the whole thing. The proportions for Iron man proved to be difficult as well. I took apart the model 3-4 times (both head and body) until I was completely satisfied.

Wayne's arc reactor installed

Wayne - the engineer
Iron man's eyes - made from plastic thing that Wayne found somewhere. It took us four tries to get it right.
I have no idea what that is.
Assembling the head was a two-persons job. Dan's job wasn't that much fun, he just had to hold it in place; he wasn't quite fond of it 

Wires coming out of the head made it look very freakish 

Arms created out of foam

Putting it all together! 

Thank you team! Three hours later, the project was completed 

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