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This post was to be dedicated to another Avenger, but unfortunately, he is not completed due to some technical reasons. Instead, I present to you, Batman!

Challenge! The feet. The paper is extremely small in comparison to the body's pieces so it was a big challenge. Took me over 30 minutes to make one.

Left: regular body/head pieces
Right: feet/leg pieces

Almost done! Inspiration of Batman's design comes from Funko (as seen on the computer screen) 

Check out Funko's site:
I want all the Disney vinyl items.

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  1. WOW! amazing =D
    i was wondering how big are the pieces and how many pieces are there in the base?

    1. About 15-20 for the body and about 30-35 for the head

  2. Hey, is there any way you could give me some tips/specifics on how to make this, like how many of each piece i would need for a base, or how many levels it is, I am absolutely in love with this thing, and I'd love to recreate one to put on my desk :)

    1. sorry, the best i can give you is the same reply i gave above
      the body is about 15-20 pieces and 30-35 pieces for the head
      the pictures are pretty clear so i think you can count the levels

      i can't give you specifics because i don't have the model anymore
      when i made this, it was all trial-n-error
      i built it, took it apart, rebuilt it, took it apart, etc

      if you have any other specific questions, i can do my best to answer them

      good luck!

  3. hi sabrina, I asked the proportion of paper you use to make 3d origami how much was it

    1. hello, sorry for this late reply
      the paper dimensions i use 1.5” x 2.75” (for the head and body) and 1.25" x 2" (for the leg/feet)

      hope this helps!

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  5. Any chance you can create a diagram for this design?

  6. How many black, yellow and gray pieces? pleasee !