Angry Birds

11:17 PM

Love the game. Love the birds.
The birds are mad simple in design. They really are just different size circles put together.
I had to make these birds, but of course, I had a few challenges.

I made a large red bird months ago. It was requested by my little friend from Syracuse. I miss her dearly.

This was a pretty large bird - there was about 30 pieces in the base.
Accomplishment: got the beak attached to the bird without glue

Recently, I decided to make the entire bird family (red, blue, black, white, and pig). I thought they would be great ornaments for my Christmas tree. I downscaled the birds to make them more ornament-size. However, due to the small size and the paper size, it was a bit difficult finding the right proportions. I was able to crank out one bird every 1-1/2 hour (without distractions).

Now the yellow one was a challenge to maintain its triangular shape. To create it's unique shape, I inverse the papers in certain areas.
The line where the triangle surfaces meet is where the paper changes direction.

The papers in the base all face the same direction
Wasn't planning on making the white bird, but Henry insisted it's one of the firsts.
I will not do the green boomerang bird. I hate the bird in the game, so I will not make it. 

Put it all together, and we have one big happy angry birds family and one sneaky pig with their eggs. 

Credits to Rovio

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